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vo_recs's Journal

Viggorli Fiction Recommendations
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Welcome to Viggorli Fiction Recommendations!

This community works in the tradition of slash_elitists, with the difference that vo_recs is solely dedicated to Viggorli Fanfiction.

Why? Simple. There are many great Viggorli stories out there, from known and unknown authors. The ones from known authors a lot of people read (and comment on). The ones from unknown or not so well known authors often go under in the mass of stories.

And most of us don't have the time to read everthing as soon as it's posted, and then we forget about it.
If you don't read it the same day, you don't read it. Period. - zee113

Well, let's change that, let's remind others of great stories they might have missed for whatever reason, be it they didn't know the author, be it because they didn't had the time when it was posted, be it they're just not in the comm it was posted to, be it because the summary was missing (don't you hate that too? add a SUMMARY, people!).

Anyone can recommend a story! If you do, please use a format like this:

Link to fic:

A small (or longer) note explaining why you think everyone should read that story. Tell us why it's rec worthy to you.

If a fic is WIP (Work in Progress), posted on a locked journal or has other pairings besides Viggorli (in this case, Viggorli needs to be at least one of the main pairings) please state it clearly in your rec!

The moderators of this comm will make an efford in reccing frequently. If you want to become a moderator too (you don't need to be an author, just an avid reader!) please contact us.

~ moderated by ~
mesnica & zee113

If you read a story you like, comment on it!
It feeds the author and usually doesn't take much time.
A simple 'liked it' or even a smiley face means a lot to every author!