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Viggorli Fiction Recommendations
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25th-Nov-2007 05:45 pm - Recs?
I've come back to VO fics after a long absence (watched some of the trilogy over the weekend). Can anyone recommend some angsty/sweet fics set during LOTR trilogy filming? I'm starved for some good fics.

Thanks so much.
7th-Nov-2007 06:56 am(no subject)
viggorli :: my OTP is in love
Title: The Gravediggers Brawl
Author: legomyarrow
Rating: NC17
Warning: AU. Possible scares.
Link to fic: here

All of Amanda's stories are definitely worth reading, whether they're VO or not. This one IS Viggorli though, so it's double worth it. It's a Halloween story, so there's some creepyness, but much more important, there are awesome characterizations, a great atmosphere, and it comes with music!

Read it and let legomyarrow know how much you enjoyed it, as I doubt anyone won't love this one.
29th-Nov-2006 12:52 pm - Haunting: A short story
Title: Haunting
Author: Airgiodslv (Cassandra)
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, Horror
Link to fic: Link
Summary: The spirit of a drowned girl haunts two men, one a noble and another an ex-soldier.

A well written, eerie story. Unique and original.
24th-Sep-2006 04:15 pm(no subject)
Dean walking
Tile: Aurora's Eye
Author: Madison
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Adult Content, Violence, AU
Link to fic: Mirromere http://avia.silverbloom.net/mirror/viewstory.php?sid=11171

This story has Orlando as a prince on the run from his parents killer and Viggo as kind of Robin Hood!
It is WIP but updates are regular done.
31st-May-2006 12:58 pm(no subject)
1D Louis Face
Title: Spelling Counts
Author: gaiaa
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, mild kink
Link to fic: Mirrormere
Summary: Orlando is a frustrated campaign advisor who may have just met his match.

And if you enjoy that, check out it's sequel. Things only get more intense.

Title: Alternate Spelling
Author: gaiaa
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, WIP
Link to fic: Mirrormere
Summary: Sequel to "Spelling Counts" -- Orlando is still a frustrated campaign manager. Viggo is doing what he can.

Anyone with a grammar kink should love this.
Orli - Illusion

Title: Dreaming Tomorrow

Author: shatzy_shell

Pairing: Viggo/Orlando

Rating: PG/PG-13

Warnings: none.

Summary: A wait made of glass, night and rain, to shelter dreams. Desire to look, to stay and leave, sitting in front of a flowing river…

Archived at: carefullykissed, vigorli and vigorleancult.

Link to carefullykissed:

A wait made of glass, night and rain, to shelter dreams. Desire to look, to stay and leave, sitting in front of a flowing river…
21st-May-2006 09:30 pm - The King of New Orleans
Orli - Believe in Fate
Author: Cee (traveller)

Rating: PG to NC-17

Pairing: AU V/O

Summary: None provided by the authoress, but here's my attempt: A bewitching tale set in New Orleans. Where nothing is what it seems and it just has to be seen to be believed. And even then you wonder.

I really would recommend giving it a read. It's one of those stories that just sticks with you, in my opinion.

The King of New Orleans
14th-May-2006 09:43 pm - 'Reading'
Title: 'Reading'
Author: emotecontrol
Rating: PG
Warning: slightly angsty, but oh so sweet
Link to fic: here

Summary: Sometimes a gift isn't what it seems. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

My buddy Sarah wrote this fic for me off of a challenge on my fic journal at viggorlibean3. I wrote a fic for her fandom, she wrote one for mine. I hope ya'll will check out 'Reading', I think she did a fantastic job!
3rd-May-2006 09:35 am(no subject)
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: Passwords
Author: truntelinda
Rating: nc-17
Warning: mild kink
Link to fic: here

"In which computer problems and ice cream kink take place." Reason to read it? Dunno...
2nd-Apr-2006 12:48 am - phone sex recs
viggo :: hand

Title: Dial O for Orgasm
Author: jenlynn820 & lennongirl
Rating: NC-17
Warning: none
Summary: A conversation
Link to fic: here

Title: Are You Wearing Them?
Author: Hazel
Rating: NC-17
Warning: wearing and misuse of feminine underwear, toys
Summary: Orlando is on location and Viggo has a special request for him when he makes his late night call.
Link to fic: here

Title: Reach out and Touch Someone
Author: arieltachna & baileymoyes
Rating: NC-17
Warning: toys
Summary: Orlando and Viggo have a little chat on the phone.
Link to fic: here [or locked on ariels_fics here]

Title: Wiring scheme
Author: miss_somersault
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU. Seventh in the Electricity-series.
Summary: When Orlando wakes up as early as every morning, his favourite electrician’s already at work. So, what’s a boy gotta do?
Link to fic: here

All of these are PWPs with phone sex and all of them are good. I know a lot of people don't care that much for phone sex (I am usually one of them) but these are great nonetheless.
26th-Mar-2006 03:42 pm(no subject)
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: Reasons
Author: darknightjess
Rating: PG13 – Language (Barely)
Link to fic: here
Summary: All of the reasons that this can’t be real love make perfectly good sense.

Sorry guys, I don't feel like thinking up something why you should read this. Honestly, if you are here, you want to read VigOrli, so just do so ;)
21st-Mar-2006 11:27 pm - Remember the anglicandoorway?
Vigorli Lamb zee113
The point was to make a request and write a story for someone. Sounds good? Just giving you two examples (but there are many fics, go read):

Title: Everything
Author: take_this_waltz
Rating: NC-17
Request: shegollum requested: Angst w/a happy ending; like first-time or scared/angsty V and A misunderstanding causes problems; fear causes problems and she’s squicked by: Just don’t overdo the mechanics, please – I want smut, not "insert Tab A into Slot B"
Summary: Viggo wants his share. But will that be enough? Angsty, as requested, and with a happy ending. :-) (set in NZ and in 2002)
Warnings: none
Link to fic: here

Title: Untitled
Author: awkwardjonas
Rating: R for language
Request: This is for [info]saone77 who wanted an AU with authority figure!Viggo and impish!Orli.
Summary: Do you really need another summary?
Warnings: none
Link to fic: here
10th-Mar-2006 01:11 am(no subject)
viggo :: hand
Title: Son of the Sun
Author: laeglass
Rating: R/NC-17
Warning: AU, ANIMALS. Two lion males going at it.
Link to fic: link

There's a lot of AU's out there with Viggo and Orlando not as actors, casting them as lions is something totally different though. This fic is beautiful and absolutely adorable and everyone should read it.
6th-Mar-2006 03:58 pm - Oscars
Vigorli Lamb zee113
In line of the current festivities (well, not 'festivities' per se, there's not much to celebrate but I hope you get my meaning), I give you the Oscars according to our own hearts.

Title: The Vigorli Chronicles: Heart and Shoulder - the Golden Globes and the Oscars chapters
Author: Elizabeth
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Link to fic: Golden Globes and Oscars

I think we all know the series, but it's good to revisit them. This is how we (not so) secretly want the Globes and the Oscars to happen. Enjoy!
11th-Feb-2006 12:48 am(no subject)
viggo :: hand
Title: Slave of Love
Author: seekie
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU, kink/bdsm, angst, hurt/comfort, sexual violence, Orlando/others
Summary: The boys are both alone, searching, longing. Sean decides to play matchmaker...
Link to fic: memories / tagged

Title: Picture me Beautiful
Author: seekie
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU, kink/bdsm, angst
Summary: Starring Orlando as the young star model walking into the powerful photo artist’s fascinating world....
Link to fic: tagged

If you like well-written AUs with bdsm/kink and are not adverse to angst (or the other way round: you like angst and are not adverse to bdsm/kink *g*), these two stories are a must-read.
1st-Feb-2006 02:09 am - AU recs
viggorli :: rotk
rec #1:
Title: Scattered Hearts
Author: bluespirit_star
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU
Summary: It's the Old West & Viggo is a champion endurance rider.
Link to fic: here

This is one of the most beautiful and sweet AUs, the only 'bad' side of this fic is its shortness (3 chapters). I melted while reading.

rec #2:
Title: Soap on a Rope
Author: nitw1t
Rating: NC17
Warning: AU
Summary: How things went wrong for Orlando.
Link to fic: here

Viggorli in prison. Wonderfully angsty but, in the author's own words: This fic is going to be a bit gritty folks, but hang with me, you know my penchant for happy endings.

rec #3:
Title: Abuse of Power
Author: lady_razzle
Rating: NC17
Warning: AU
Summary: Orlando is and 18-year old A-level student. Viggo is his English teacher.
Link to fic: here

Must read, seriously (are there really people out there who haven't read it yet?). Especially now.
1st-Feb-2006 12:16 am(no subject)
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: Capturer of the Sun
Author: ancabell
Rating: G, I think
Warning: none
Link to fic: here

I don't know how I missed this (well I do, but I shouldn't have), but here it is.
8th-Jan-2006 12:10 am(no subject)
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: I Dreamt That I Went To Your Funeral...
Author: masian
Rating: PG/R
Warning: none
Link to fic: here

A new author in the fandom, I'd say quite the gain :) Enjoy.
29th-Dec-2005 08:43 pm - 'Breathing Room' rec
Title: Breathing Room
Author: rainweaver13
Rating: Mostly PG/some R later on.
Warning: Lots of Angst, flashbacks, partially AU (she posts a little warning/summary before each chapter)
Link to fic: Breathing Room

I literally stumbled upon this fic one day earlier this year and I was sucked right in immediately. The chapters jump from present to past back to present again, but is very easy to follow along. She started a sequel "Growing Room" that you can find links to in her Memories if you want to continue reading. Warning the sequel is a WIP!

Breathing Room (1/20)
11th-Dec-2005 10:10 pm(no subject)
Ben lounging
Title: DNA Lollipop
Author: lostiawen and Salix
Rating: R
Warning: AU, crack!fic
Link to fic: here

An almost too funny crack!fic that I just discovered anew. Go and read, and please don't drink anything while reading *g*
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