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Viggorli Fiction Recommendations
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11th-Dec-2005 10:03 am(no subject)
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: Imagine IF
Author: ancabell
Rating: G
Warning: none
Link to fic: here

It's short (a drabble), beautiful and magical; I don't think it needs much reccing.
2nd-Dec-2005 08:53 pm - Fairy Tales and Hokum
Amy Adams
Title: Fairy Tales and Hokum (completed)
Author: Pfyre
Rating: NC-17
Warning: AU, Violence. Descriptions of torture
Summary: It's basically The Mummy but with Orli and Viggo instead of Evie and Rick.
Link to fic: here

This is just a very fun, cute fic that will definitely make you smile. And while it has a lot of the movie, it also goes off on it's own a bit 8*D

And it's purely Vigorli this time. No confusion, lol.
2nd-Dec-2005 02:03 pm - Taking care rec
feenix by Hardie

Title: Taking care (8/8 complete serie)

Author: lennongirl

Rating: NC-17

link to the story index

General Summary by the author herself: "How it all started out between Orlando and Viggo back in NZ and how misunderstandings got in the way. Individual summaries for each chapter"

Something is about to happen, it simply must. We cannot lie here like this any longer, really. It would drive me insane. So, what are the possibilities? I could get up and leave, maybe go to the bathroom to collect my senses. No. As long as I got this hard-on, moving anywhere is out of the question. What if Viggo got up? No, that’s also not a very good option. I guess I’d gasp, moan, or even worse, start wanking at the sight of his naked body in front of me.

This is one of Ani's first fics but still bery good =D

1st-Dec-2005 11:31 pm - mpreg recs
feenix by Hardie

I'm pimping two totally different completed series but amazing in their own ways.

First is jasmineskie lovely unexpected:

Title: Unexpected
Rating: NC17 overall
Warnings: MPREG, medical stuff
Link to the complete fic index: unexpected

Second is Thursday's Child by chaosmanor

Link to the fic index: thursday's child or louisdance fic index

If the idea of MPREG has so far made you laugh or scoff it, try these two. If you still think so after them... ;)


1st-Dec-2005 10:59 pm(no subject)
feenix by Hardie

1/1 short Viggorli fic with no title

Author: abundantlyqueer  

Rating: NC17

Hot, like sizzling ;)

ETA: thanks to Mesnica, the corrected link: link to the story
1st-Dec-2005 05:26 pm - Magic happens rec
feenix by Hardie

Title: Magic Happens-series
Author: jasmineskie
Link to the fic index:  magic happens serie

Rating: PG to NC17
Summary: the history of a new relationship in NZ, with virgin!Viggo ;)
Warnings: in some parts toy use, slight kink
This is really a lovely complete serie, it makes me go "awwww" and laugh out loud too
Small quote from part 4:
"Holy fuck.

I just kissed Orlando Bloom.

Well, technically that's not exactly true. Orli kissed me, but I sure as hell kissed him back. My lips feel tingly and numb at the same time, and I can still taste Orli on my tongue, feel the slick wet of him between my teeth.

I want to do it again."

feenix by Hardie

Title: Six Situations Where Denial Was Not Only A River In Egypt

Author: jeyhawk

warnings: none

Rating: NC17

Summary: Orlando Bloom is in denial. link to the story

This is in my mind one of the best basic V/O in the humour sense. 

1st-Dec-2005 11:04 am - The Short Face Bear Project rec
feenix by Hardie

Title: The Short Face Bear Project

Author: cynical_terror

Rating: NC17

Warnings: none

link to the story

Take caution not to read this while trying to drink something to avoid splashing it to the screen =D

1st-Dec-2005 02:37 am - justwords_zine rec
feenix by Hardie

Strictly speaking this ain't a fic rec, it's fanzine rec but if there's still someone who hasn't heard of it, GO ! GO! and hurry till justwords_zine


1st-Dec-2005 02:23 am - Come Away With Me rec
feenix by Hardie

Title: Come Away With Me
Author: jenlynn820

Rating: overall NC17
Warning: none
Link to fic: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=jenlynns_fics&keyword=Come+Away+With+Me&filter=all

This is a one of my "good feeling fics". She has lots of other excellent stories and they can be found at jenlynn fics too.



30th-Nov-2005 07:00 pm - Prophesy, Destiny, and Design rec
Amy Adams
Title: Prophecy, Destiny, and Design
(20 part series, complete- with a sequel in the works I think)
Author: Pecos
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, Angst, Violence, Character Death (sort of...) And there is some OB/SB, SB/VM, and EW/DM
Link to 1st part: The Hollow Man
Summery: "There's something strange about Orlando Bloom. Really strange. Really, REALLY strange. And it doesn't end there - no one is what they seem to be."

I emphatically rec ANYTHING, by this author. She's fabulous, as are all her stories. Some of which are more primarily Vigorli. This just happens to be one of my favorite fics of hers. And since they are all so good I'll just link to THIS list of all of her stories. Just scroll down to this title 8*D
1st-Dec-2005 01:42 am - Cold Antiquity rec
feenix by Hardie

Title: Cold Antiquity (22 chapters, complete fic)
Author: lady_razzle
Rating: overall NC17
Warning: AU, (violence in some chapters)
Link to fic: http://www.livejournal.com/users/exhibit_1/5062.html#cutid1

Summary by the words of the author herself: This universe based on the society of ancient Egypt. c. 1300 B.C. Viggo is brought in as royal advisor to the young prince of the kingdom of Hisi.

This fic whisks you off to under the hot sun of Egypt :)  Quality stuff my friends.

1st-Dec-2005 01:19 am(no subject)
feenix by Hardie

Title: Bad Case of Loving You

Author: chaosmanor

Rating: NC17
Warning: AU, medical bits, teeny weeny bits of gore and kink ;)
Link to the fic:

44 chapters, the fic is complete.

Rest of the chapters can be found on her LJ or in the excellent index by Louisdance:


Summary: this really doesn't make justice to her awesome fic but here it goes: Viggo is a doctor and Orlando is a med student. Smut ensues =D
This fic makes me laugh, is unbelievably hot and to top it all, it's even educational ;)

30th-Nov-2005 04:19 am(no subject)
viggo :: hand
Title: So Many Years Ago
Author: pyleanelf
Rating: NC17
Warning: angst, implied het
Link to fic: memories / tags [this story is LOCKED, but you only have to join mywillbedone to be able to read]

Future fic, Orlando reads RPS. I'm very sure everyone has at least once thought: what if they really read these stories? Right. So in this story he does and it all goes from there.
I usually try to stay away from heavy angst (and the het *shudders*) but somehow it always sucks me in once I start reading, but stories like this make me glad to overcome my wariness of angst.

Teaser: He returned to the point where it had all begun. Google. Such an innocent site, but you could end up in some really mental sites just from clicking a link here and there. Orlando steeled himself and then started typing.


Please PIMP this comm, the more members, the more recs, the more fun!!

And pretty please, when you rec, tag your recs! All tags we have are listed on the sidebar; if you need another one, just tell me here. Otherwise your rec will not be searchable in the future and that would be sad :(
29th-Nov-2005 04:01 pm - rec
Title: Early Theory
Author: undrockroll
Rating: NC-17
Warning: MPREG-Some EB/OB-WIP
Link to fic: All Completed Chapters

MPREGs are usually not my speed, but Early Theory not only has breathtaking writing, but has really unique characterizations. Darcy's Orlando is darling and her Viggo is strong. Even though this plot defies reality, it still seems very real. :)

this community is SUCH a good idea, more people should rec! :D
22nd-Nov-2005 12:00 am - To ease the angst
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: Epic
Author: Cam Jones
Rating: NC-17
Warning: au, mention of EW/DM
Link to fic: here
Summary: Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what you want.

I remember this fic from a year ago, when I was really new to the fandom. Gorecki hasn't left my cd-player ever since, but reading the fic while listening to the song again and again brings back the lazy-contented feeling of late autumn fog and candle-lit happiness.
19th-Nov-2005 09:21 pm(no subject)
Wolf tdf
Title: Palpitations
Author: cynical_terror
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Implied Het, very minor angst
Link to fic: here

This was one of the first fics I'd ever read in this fandom and it's impact has not lessened one bit when I read it today. A warm, lushly sensual feast of atmosphere and emotions, of exploration and connection, it remains a perennial favourite and one I highly recommend. Go, read (if, by some miracle, you haven't already) and feedback the hell out of one immensely talented author.
19th-Nov-2005 07:27 pm - yay, an anca rec!
Title: Beginning of the Fall
Author: ancabell
Rating: NC-17
Warning: HET, KB/OB
Summary: Toronto, Orlando sees Viggo for the first time in a long time.
Link to fic: a series

Seriously, seriously, seriously read this! Reccing it is my job and you people reading it is my pay.

Enough with the lame analogies, just read this. ;)

It's one of my favorite fics!
19th-Nov-2005 11:20 pm - Angst
Vigorli Lamb zee113
Title: The King of New Orleans
Author: traveller
Rating: NC17
Warning: au; major angst, if that needs a warning
Link to fic: here

I think everybody should read this fic in the fandom. traveller is an amazing writer, and her fics are magical.
The link takes you to the epilogue but from there you can access all the chapters through a link tothe memories.
19th-Nov-2005 09:57 pm - mod post
viggo :: hand
I changed the community to open membership so you can just join and post now (forget to do it sooner, sorry!).

If you have any questions, suggestions, need a new tag or whatever, feel free to ask on this post. I'll link it on the sidebar :)

Current tags are:
action-adventure, angst, au, crack!fic, fluff/sap, historical, humor, hurt/comfort, kink, mpreg, mystery, pwp, romance, smut

Please use the tags as they are written here, or they won't appear on the post. Thanks!

~ Moraya
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